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- Melt temperature for 14k alloyed grain is 950-970C (1745-1780F)
- Melt temperature for 10k alloyed grain is 970-990C (1780-1815F)
- Melt temperature for  alloying is 1010-1040C (1850-1910F)

Flask Temperature
Normal recommended t temperature.

Boric Acid is the recommended flux. Use as little Flux as possible. Do not use carbon fluxes or any fluxes designed for refining, ie soda ash saltpeter etc, avoid flux in bottom pour automatic casting units.

Quench time
15-20 min

Investment Removal
Most slandered investment removers will successfully remove to investment powder. Fluoric-based investment removers are the best for removing the silicon oxide invisible coating.

We recommend a 35%-50% fresh mix for remelting.

Melt temperature may vary with type of unit. This alloy is designed for casting only.

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